MRP Auto Repair

MRP Auto Repair has been providing quality auto repair since 2002. It is our mission to provide the best possible care for your vehicle. We strive to keep your vehicle running correctly and efficently to save you, our customer hassel and grief. Our customers are our #1 priority and we demonstrate it every day by the quality of service we provide at a price that is fair. 

Come in and meet the MRP Auto Repair team!

MRP is a family owned business that was started by Mario Paz and Robert Paz. Mario is the father and Robert is the son. In 2002 they decided to take their trade and start their own shop. They had humble beginings in a small shop with 1 hoist, 1 bay door, and enough for 5 cars; barely. Right out of the gates Mario and Robís customers followed them to their first garage which proved vital to a healthy business and success. As the years passed and their client base grew they found themselves in a position to expand. Mario and Rob decided to move to another shop with an additional hoist but less floor space. The new location was fruitful and again a few years later they were in the same predicament; they needed more space. Mario and Rob moved to their current location on Elrose Avenue in Toronto which allowed for exponential growth.

Mario and Rob now operate in a shop that boasts 3000sqft and is equipped with 3 hoists, an alignment rack, and indoor parking for 7 vehicles!


MRP is a testament that great service and fair prices is they key to a healthy business!!


Mario Paz

Robert Paz